Social media is now an essential bow in your marketing quiver. Taking the time to create meaningful, engaging content can become a major headache in many small to medium sized businesses without a dedicated resource. In many cases a social media stream starts off well but slowly dwindles as you struggle for content, lose interest or are unsure of how to post strategically to engage and retain your audience, create awareness of your brand and bring in website traffic and revenue.


Prior to social media, ongoing advertisements were placed in the newspaper, on the radio, television and through print media such as flyers to attract revenue and create brand awareness.  Now with everyone staring at their phones, you have a perfect opportunity to put your brand in front of them. Think of it as an online portfolio or  product showcase, all wrapped up with your branding. The other avenues still play an important role in your marketing but it's essential to have a balanced approach.


We will arrange a consultation with you to discuss your business, its target market, objectives and what goals you would like to reach by the use of a clever social media strategy.


We will then go away and tailor a package to suit your specific business. No 2 proposals are alike!



for your business


Social media requires a plan. After we have a consultation, we go away and come up with a formula that we believe will be a great starting point for your business. The plan will continue to evolve as your audiences practices and interests are learnt, so we can continue to build your presence.


If you don't have a social media account setup we can handle this for you.  If you don't have a profile image we can create one. If you don't have a Facebook cover page, no problem, graphic designers make great cover pages! If you don't know how to look up your social media analytics and reports - fear not, we can prepare a report for you after each month to show you how it's tracking. If you don't know what to post, not an issue. We can handle the curation of content. In fact we can manage the entire process from startup through to reporting and everything in between. And if there are parts you would like to keep in-house - no issues, we will ensure the package is tailored around this.


with your community


Posting a cup of coffee, tagging the local business where you purchased it from and telling everyone how great it was does a number of things, some direct, some indirect.


Firstly you are showing you support that business by creating a post about them. They will likely follow you. Boom! You have a new audience member.


Now if they reciprocate, their entire audience gets a small window to your brand. Some will be intrigued and take a look at your profile - nice one, now you have created brand awareness!


That post shows your followers you support local business and community. Most importantly whilst all of that is going on, your brand is reaching many new potential business contacts who when they need a product you offer, may be intrigued enough to look you up. It may take 3 months for that person to need that product or service you offer, but if you are consistently posting a positive message, it's like walking around holding a sign with your brand on it.


This takes the place of that regular advertisement you used to place in the newspaper every week in the trades and services section. Small, consistent and quality is the key.


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